The purpose of the Kearsarge Regional School District (KRSD) Communications Plan is to provide communicators within the District with an effective, two-way multi-channel communications program that serves the district and the community.

The Communications Plan is designed to more fully engage the entire community in the educational agenda. This process includes identifying opportunities to deliver the KRSD message through an approach that is proactive, positive, consistent, multi-faceted, and coherent.
  • Improve internal and external communication systems
  • Promote open, two-way communication between the school board, administration, staff, students, and KRSD community
  • Communicate a unified message at all times
  • Communicate district goals and objectives
  • Generate engagement with the KRSD
  • Increase awareness about the impact of a KRSD education

KRSD Communication Plan

Laurie Prewandowski,
Apr 22, 2016, 9:43 AM