Information Technology Department

Tech Team & Job Descriptions

Mark Schaub
Director of Technology:
 Responsible for the maintenance of the District technology plan, articulation of vision, acquisition of funding and coordination of technology efforts within the greater framework of the District and community. The Director of Technology is responsible for defining goals for the Kearsarge Regional School District Office of Information Technology and staff as well as for technical integration in the classroom and coordinating the training of staff and students. 

Barbra Turner
Network Administrator:
 Responsible for the maintenance, documentation and planning of network infrastructure. The Network Administrator is responsible for the user database, network security, virus protection, and administration of the student data management system and web and email server resources. 
It will be the secondary focus of the Network Administrator to develop a unified database and web/intranet system that meets the administrative needs of District secretarial and business personnel and automates and/or increases productivity and information sharing.

Stephen Barrie
Lead Technician:
 In addition to operating as a District Technician, the Lead Technician shall be responsible for coordinating the day-to-day efforts of technical personnel in order to meet the needs of end-users and developing leadership and technical competency among technical employees.  
This position is also responsible for the maintenance of records of purchases for repairs and upgrades to workstations. 

Martin Lewis
District Technician:
 The District Technician provides end-user desktop and 
telephone support for Kearsarge Regional School District students and staff. The District Technician shall be responsible for maintaining an operational and productive computing environment at all times. 

Jacqueline Kelly
District Data Technician:
 Provides management of the District student information management system (PowerSchool), including user accounts. This includes maintenance of student information for State and District reports, staff support, and training. This position is also responsible for administration of our web-based Help Desk system (SchoolDudeand hardware and software inventory. 

Faculty Technology Assistant (FTA) (one per elementary school): One teacher, Para-professional, or other staff member at each elementary school acts as a Faculty Technology Assistant. In this capacity, supported through a stipend, the employee shall act as the first point of contact for peer-teachers as well as taking a leadership role in the goal of maintaining a current web presence for each location that reflects professionalism and a commitment to high-quality and informative content.

KRES at Bradford FTA: 
KRES at New London FTA:  
Simonds School FTA:  
Sutton Central School FTA: