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Message from the Superintendent

posted Dec 5, 2016, 9:44 AM by Doreen Salera

Dear Kearsarge Community,

This morning, winter has arrived with the first measurable snow fall in the Kearsarge district and the rest of the State.  As a result and not unexpectedly, we experienced slippery roads and travel delays just when school was about to start.  I am glad to report that all of our buses safely delivered their passengers to the seven district schools, even though a few of them ran late.  “Safety First” is the mission on days like that.

Each year we try to remind students, parents, and staff to use extra caution during the winter season to make sure everybody arrives safely where they need to be when school is in session.  This includes a plea to execute good judgement when it comes to driving in local road conditions as well as to encourage student drivers to take the bus instead of venturing out on their own.

Certainly, each time winter weather is predicted, I will attempt to make the best decision when it comes to declaring a “Blizzard Bag Day”, cancellation, or delayed opening.  The process continues to be the same as in past years:  it involves checking available weather reports and forecast services as early as 4:00 a.m., consulting with representatives from the bus company who in turn have contacted local road agents for their assessments of the roads, speaking with other superintendents in the area, as well as considering snowfall or ice amounts predicted through the course of the day.  Given the geographical features of our district and the length and complexity of our bus routes, those decisions must be made well before the first students are picked up at their bus stops.  Reversing decisions due to sudden changes in weather conditions is often not possible without sufficient lead time.

Under most circumstances, weather cancellations or delays will probably hit the correct mark.  Sometimes, though, even with the best forecasting and due diligence, New England weather can be challenging.  Please be assured that school closing decisions are never made lightly and always have in mind the best interest of students, parents, staff, and the wider community.


Winfried Feneberg

Superintendent of Schools, Kearsarge Regional School District