School Board Goals

                                                                                       Kearsarge Regional School Board Goals

                                                                          SCHOOL BOARD GOALS


Goal 1:

The Kearsarge Regional School District will provide safe and consistent learning environments from Preschool through Grade 12 which: maximize the intellectual rigor of all students in all areas, increase student interest in academic work, equip students to address the complex intellectual challenges of authentic problems, and provide regular feedback through various types of assessment, and to do so on an individualized student basis.


  • KRHS will continue to refine the implementation of the competency based model by introducing rolling grades, by reviewing the usefulness of ranking students by GPA, by utilizing trans-disciplinary competency analysis, and by offering staff ongoing professional development through PLC work and consultant support

  • Building on last year’s experiences with the 8th period enrichment/remediation block, KRHS will develop additional processes that effectively balance student support needs with enrichment opportunities, as well as establish decision making criteria for how students qualify for enrichment opportunities.

  • KRMS will fully develop the existing five “school improvement groups” in order to formulate a clear action and implementation plan for competency education, curriculum review, and data driven student supports.

  • KRMS will utilize the newly adopted enVisionsMath 2.0 program with fidelity and consistency.  

  • STEAM pilot program at KRHS will analyze usefulness of transdisciplinary course offerings (specifically: Geometry and Art co-teaching model course).  Additionally, KRHS will study the feasibility of a junior/senior integrated, project-based STEM/Humanities (school-within-a school) model.

  • KRHS will develop a plan to increase course options in the area of Performing Arts.  Additional opportunities for students to acquire technical, audio, visual, and recording skills will be explored through active partnerships with CRTC and other area high school programs.  KRHS will explore the feasibility of establishing a Performing and Fine Arts Program.

  • K-5 Science Curriculum implementation will continue through additional adoption of 5th grade FOSS kits, refined utilization of existing 3rd and 4th grade FOSS kits, and ongoing focus on inquiry, problem solving, and next gen science standards.

  • K-5 will utilize newly adopted literacy program (Journeys) with fidelity and consistency.  Appropriate means of professional development will be provided for all teachers throughout the school year.

  • The newly expanded position of Data Analysis and Innovation Specialist (formerly: Blended Learning Coordinator) will assist teachers with real-time and relevant student performance data that will allow for effective instructional interventions and increased accountability.

  • Simonds School and Sutton Central School will assess the efficacy of the part-time Math Coach position on student learning, RTI interventions, and professional learning.

  • KRMS will explore the feasibility of a World Language option at the 6th grade level beginning in 2018-19.  Furthermore, the district will study the purpose, benefits, and parameters of an elementary and middle school World Language Program.

  • The KRSD will analyze and evaluate available student data to determine an appropriate course of action with regards to refinement, alignment and improvement of the current writing curriculum and related resources.  

  • The district will explore additional options for coursework in the area of coding.

Goal 2:  

The KRSD will review and modify as appropriate the Supervision and Evaluation model for teachers and administrators with ongoing focus on student achievement, improved instructional strategies, and professional development.


  • The Supervision and Evaluation Committee will develop a deeper understanding of the statistical properties of various components of the Domain V targets and cut-off scores in order to set appropriate and meaningful student performance goals as part of the teacher and administrative evaluation process.

  • The S/E committee, in collaboration with the administrative leadership team and KREA representatives, will review the existing S/E documents and processes for the purpose of balancing necessary procedures, efficiency of administration, fairness, clarity, and agreed-upon intent.

  • The leadership team will study the feasibility of adopting an alternative evaluation model for KRSD with the goal of making a detailed proposal to the School Board by May 2018.

  • Administrative walkthroughs and evaluative tasks will focus on supporting newly adopted curriculum programs (e.g. Envisions 2.0, Journeys) to safeguard fidelity and consistent implementation.

  • The district will continue to develop a practical model of evaluating co-curricular activities, inclusive of student feedback as appropriate.

Goal 3:

Kearsarge Regional School District, in order to ensure the quality of education, will foster and implement effective communication among all stakeholders, including district leadership, members of the faculty and staff, families and their students, representatives of our community, and regional colleagues in the educational field.


  • Based upon survey results, the district will support refinements to building and district communication practices, and provide opportunities for professional development.


  • KRSD will assist School Board members in the use of effective strategies to communicate school district information to their respective communities.


  • KRSD will consider the creation of a Kearsarge Alumni Organization for one or all of the following purposes:  establishing an endowment program, supporting scholarships, assisting with class reunions, and lending general and/or financial support to specific initiatives the district deems valuable.


  • Utilize communication strategies to convey the key attributes and elements of the Kearsarge Regional School District, to celebrate the district's achievements, to increase collaboration for enhanced professional practice, to collect and apply feedback, and to partner with local and regional resources.  

  • Develop opportunities to impact a shift from “community involvement” to “community engagement”, and identify pertinent measures of success.

Goal 4:

The Kearsarge Regional School District will review, update, and support the long-range Capital Improvement Plan


  • Assess and refine potential facilities restructuring required for the successful implementation of the proposed transdisciplinary instruction efforts at KRHS.

  • Implement additional energy efficiencies throughout the district

  • Continue upgrades of existing security equipment in select schools.

  • Analyze data relating to contracted plumbing services to make appropriate recommendations for the future.

  • Develop plans for sprinkler installation for FY19.

  • Explore the creation of a trust fund for the purpose of addressing future facility replacement and/or upgrade needs.

  • Prepare concept for and engineering of the renovation of the existing KLC facility to meet articulated district and community needs.

  • Create viable plan to address long-term storage needs at KRHS.  Explore land purchase options for potential program extension at KRHS through the potential creation of an appropriate capital reserve fund.

Goal 5:

The Kearsarge Regional School District will continue to promote and support a healthy work environment for all employees through focus on improved efficiencies in the Human Resource and Business Offices.

  • Continue to implement efficient Human Resource practices pertaining to hiring, personnel maintenance, benefit administration.

  • Utilize a “best-practices” approach to support high quality employee performance and instructional proficiency.

  • Institute the use of Executime software across district by January 1, 2018.

  • Begin preparations for successor KREA agreement.

  • Determine the parameters for the transition to a Director of Human Resource position in the district.

Goal 6:

The Kearsarge District will provide an effective continuum of individualized educational services for all eligible students (IDEA, 504, Title I, Medicaid, other) in accordance with federal and state laws and pursuant to the district’s best-practice expectations.


  • The district will continue to implement the recommendations of the Special Education Task Force first established in 2015-16

  • The special education department will plan the creation of State approved programs to address specific needs for students with developmental, cognitive, and social-pragmatic needs at the elementary level (Gateway Program K-5) to start in 2018-19.

  • KRMS will restructure its service delivery model to include a program for students with behavioral and emotional needs.

  • The district will focus on professional development for special educators in the area of Tier 3 Reading (Seeing Stars, Visualization/Verbalization, LIPS, and Journeys) and Tier 3 Math (Touch Math, Equals Math, and enVisionsmath)

  • Special Educators will continue to focus on integration of individual educational services, RTI supports, and regular instruction, as well as improve skill levels in the area of progress monitoring through use of student data analysis.

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