School Board Goals

                                                                                       Kearsarge Regional School Board Goals



        1.  The Kearsarge Regional School District will provide learning environments which: maximize the intellectual rigor of all students in          all areas, increase student interest in academic work, equip students to address the complex intellectual challenges of authentic                  problems,  and provide regular feedback through various types of assessments.


  •   Kearsarge Regional High School will implement a competency based education model with focus on: Project Based Learning, Authentic Experiences, Performance Tasks, and Standards Based Reporting.
  •   KRHS will review the program of studies and assess the usefulness of the enrichment block for student learning, remediation, and personalization.
  •  Kearsarge Regional Middle School will make necessary preparation for the implementation of competency based education during the 2017-18 school year.
  •  K-5 Science Curriculum will be implemented; MS science program will focus on inquiry, consistency, problem solving.  STEM instruction and Project-based learning opportunities will supported and expanded through the use of Defined STEM software at the Middle and High School.
  •  Response to Instruction (RtI) district protocols, practices, and resources will be utilized in grades K-10, and reviewed for effectiveness.  Alignment of teacher schedules to enhance and efficiently target student needs for RTI will be supported through the use of Enriching Student software at the High School.
  •  Two K-5 Literacy programs (ReadyGen and Journeys) will be piloted with a selection completed by the end of the 2016-17 school year. 
  •  Comprehensive Guidance Program will be implemented in grades K-12.
  •  Implementation of ELOs at the High School will continue with special focus on pilot program in partnership with Dartmouth Hitchcock.
  •  The efficacy of common planning time at all grade levels will be assessed.  Viable options for increased world language instruction at the elementary and middle school level will be researched and assessed.


2.  The Kearsarge Regional School District will continue to implement the Supervision and Evaluation model for teachers and        administrators with focus on student achievement, improved instructional strategies, and professional development.


  •   Teacher evaluation results will direct ongoing, future professional development.
  •  Efficacy of co-curricular and athletic evaluation tools will be reviewed, assessed, and modified as necessary.
  •  Updated language to the Supervision/Evaluation Model will be implemented
  •  Student performance and meeting of annual school goals will factor in teacher and administrator evaluations and performance pay. 



3.   The Kearsarge Regional School District, in order to ensure the quality of education, will foster and implement effective communication   among all stakeholders, including district leadership, members of the faculty and staff, families and their students, representatives of our     community, and regional colleagues in the educational field.



  •   Assess the district’s communication strategies as they apply to internal and external messaging.
  •  Develop, implement, and assess the use of targeted district strategies to enhance communication, including School Board member communications with their respective communities.
  •  Utilize communication strategies to convey the key attributes and elements of the Kearsarge Regional School District, to celebrate the district's achievements, to increase collaboration for enhanced professional practice, to collect and apply feedback, and to share efficiently local and regional resources.  


·         Create an Alumni Organization.

·         Develop Kearsarge education branding and marketing strategies

·         Celebrate 50th school district anniversary


4The Kearsarge Regional School District will review, update, and support the long-range Capital Improvement Plan


§  Develop comprehensive plan for Tech Ed., Culinary, Robotics, Engineering Labs, and Music/Performing Arts areas at KRHS

§  Implement additional energy efficiencies throughout the district

§  Install security upgrades in select schools

§  Prepare Waste Water Treatment Engineering and RFP for implementation during FY18

§  Develop consensus on viable options for 1941 building

§  Replace plumbing contracted services with in-house solution

§  Develop plans for sprinkler installation for FY19

§  Explore the creation of a trust fund for the purpose of addressing future facility replacement and/or upgrade needs.


5.  The Kearsarge Regional School District will continue to promote and support a healthy work environment for all employees through focus on improved efficiencies in the Human Resource and Business Offices.


§  Review and implement efficient Human Resource practices pertaining to hiring, personnel maintenance, benefit administration, and addressing employee needs.

§  Explore and assess the benefits of introducing the use of time accounting software in the district.

§  Research available finance software programs to prepare for upgrade during FY19.

§  Negotiate and ratify new PEAK agreement.



Goal 6:

          The Kearsarge District will provide an effective continuum of individualized educational services for all eligible students (IDEA, 504, Title I, Medicaid, other) in accordance with federal and state laws and pursuant to the district’s best-practice expectations.

  •  Implement recommendations of the FY16 special education review
  •  Develop a needs assessment for expanded preschool services, and create action plan
  •  Integrate individual education services, RTI supports, and regular education instruction
  •  Develop effective progress monitoring practices, based on student data analysis, for use by special and regular educators.
  •  Provide consistent in-district program options for students with diverse educational needs









Approved 8/4/16










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