School Board Goals

                                              Kearsarge Regional School Board Goals



                                                                  (revised 8-24-18)


Note:  Items followed by (*) were added as a result of the discussions held during the June 9, 2018 Board Retreat and the Board Meeting on 8/23/18


Goal 1:

The Kearsarge Regional School District will provide safe and consistent learning environments from Preschool through Grade 12 which: maximize the intellectual rigor of all students in all areas, increase student interest in academic work, equip students to address the complex intellectual challenges of authentic problems, and provide regular feedback through various types of assessment, and to do so on an individualized student basis.


  • The district will continue to refine the implementation of Curriculum Based Education (CBE):


o     KRMS will develop CB units that aligns with the model used at KRHS

o     KRHS will focus on refining CB assessments and grade reporting models

o     KRHS/KRMS will utilize Ellen Hume Howard’s expertise to achieve solid alignment of CBE practices in both schools

o     K-5 Elementary Schools will set the stage for expanding CBE model into the elementary grades


·         KRHS and KRMS will continue to establish an effective Response to Instruction (RTI) model:


o     Utilize effectively the 8th period block at KRHS

o     Assess social emotional learning (SEL) curriculum and interventions at KRMS

o     Establish the “lab period” model at KRHS and assess its impact on student learning

o     Implement the “Caring Community Schools” as an SEL program at the elementary level (K-5, RTI-B)

o     Establish a consistent implementation of RTI-A practices at the K-5 level


         Collect and analyze data trends from NHSAS and inquiry-based science assessment to determine instructional effectiveness and  

         potential PD needs.


         Use the Director of Elementary Curriculum position to establish effective district-wide guidelines for unit and lesson planning for 

         all subjects.


         Initiate and prepare for the adoption of a district-wide curriculum management system.


         Examine district curriculum and current resources for elementary social studies, and make recommendations for action                       as appropriate.


         Continue feasibility discussion about inclusion of world language program at the elementary level, as well as identify  

         specific and coordinated improvements in Spanish/French/Latin program at the 6-12 level.


         Introduce student feedback opportunity for non-athletic, co-curricular offerings at the end of each activity. *


        Develop data-driven action plans and school-wide and classroom level activities to enhance school climate, prevent bullying                  and school violence, and engage learners. *




Goal 2: 

The KRSD will recruit, develop, and retain staff members who are child-centered, experts in their field, committed to the Vision and Mission of the District, and demonstrate a high degree of professionalism.



     The district will negotiate a fair and productive Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) with KREA which will receive voter                     approval in March 2019.


      KRSD will refine the Domain V indicators to assess accurately and reflect appropriately the school-based merit component                   (if retained in new CBA).


      District administrators will increase the quantity and quality of walkthrough feedback, focused observations, and other                        evaluative assessment methods by targeting leadership discussion and professional development on at least three                              occasions during the school year


      Job descriptions and role expectations will be reviewed and updated for all instructional, administrative, and support                            positions  in  the district within the next two years.


      Pay scale for administrative assistants and custodial/maintenance positions will be established


      Time Clock Plus time accounting system will be implemented by December 1, 2018



Goal 3:

KRSD will, through effective integration and utilization employ technology to improve student learning and communication.



    Review all technology applications across the district for ADA compliance, make adjustments as needed, and provide        

     recommendations for necessary changes


    Implement the district website re-design


    Deploy technology resources and staff effectively across the district.  Review organizational chart, roles and responsibilities,        and work force distribution for efficiency and effectiveness.


   Conduct a needs assessment pertaining to effective teacher use of technology.*


           Plan, design, and implement server upgrade/maintenance

Goal 4:

The KRSD will involve families, businesses, and community organizations to increase student engagement and personalized learning opportunities.



         Establish a comprehensive branding and public relations strategy for the Kearsarge School District with clearly articulated                     priorities  and objectives


        Align district resources, procedures, and staffing with external public relations, crisis management, and media supports


        Train teachers in effective communication strategies with the wider community


        Partner with business connections, Concord CRTC, and other ELO opportunities to expand additional career and learning options.


        Explore strategies for a mutually supportive relationship with KREA, PEAK, and other non-affiliated employee groups.


        Explore the feasibility of a student and parent survey assessing district climate and culture.*


        Schedule a mid-year opportunity for a Board Retreat meeting in lieu of a regular Thursday Board meeting or an  

          afternoon session.*

Goal 5:

The KRSD will maintain high quality learning environments.



            With regard to securing and improving the structural integrity of our facilities:


o     The track at KRHS will be resurfaced

o     The tennis courts at KRHS will be reconstructed

o     Sections of the roofs at KRHS, Simonds, and KLC will be replaced according to outlined replacement schedule


   With regard to mechanical and plumbing systems reliability:


o     Based on analysis of collected data sets for preventive maintenance tasks during FY18, the district will budget and  

       employ an in-district plumber


    With regard to electrical service adequacy:


o      Working with the Town of New London Emergency Management committee to secure a Homeland Security grant, the district will install a backup generator to support the operation of the KLC building in the event of a major power outage due to weather event or other incident

o      Initiate a plan to systematically replace unsupported electrical panels at KRHS with current gear


    With regard to healthy learning environments:


o      At KRES-NL, asbestos removal will be complete within four years. FY19 will complete phase 1 of the plan.

o      Newly discovered asbestos at Simonds School will be addressed within the four-year removal plan

o      A plan and timeline* for STEAM focused* re-design of the industrial arts, performing arts, culinary, and arts section of KRHS will be presented to the facilities committee, including budget and code compliance review


             With regard to energy conservation and environmental impact:


o      KRHS and KRMS gymnasiums will receive a lighting retrofit from Fluorescent to LED summer of 2018. This project will also receive a 50% rebate from our power provider

o      A plan will be designed for complete interior retrofit of KRHS and KRMS


            With regard to safety enhancements and statutory compliance:


o      Safety break vestibules will be installed at KRHS, Sutton, and Simonds

o      A consistent procedure for entry monitoring will be developed for each district school and facility

o      Complete installation of safety cameras at all elementary schools with assistance from the State Safety Infrastructure Grant program


    With regard to fiscal management and purchasing procedure:*


o     Review sole-source and multiple-source vendor purchasing procedures.*



Goal 6:

The Kearsarge District will provide an effective continuum of individualized educational services for all eligible students (IDEA, 504, Title I, Medicaid, other) in accordance with federal and state laws and pursuant to the district’s best-practice expectations.




         Review and articulate the RTI process in relation to tiered interventions and the special education referral process.


         Update the special education referral process


         Cause effective change in perception and practice of regular and special education professionals with regard to best practice                standards for tiered instruction (e.g. via site visits to other districts/schools; PLC discussions)


         Plan, design, and budget for SOAR Program at KRMS


         Examine and create a model for the consistent school-wide delivery of RTI in conjunction with the provision of special education            services


         Conduct feasibility study for a second preschool site for the Southern part of the Kearsarge district.


         Develop resources for preschool program parallel the social emotional learning curriculum adopted at the K-5 level



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