The Toolkit

The Board of the Kearsarge Regional School District has adopted a Communications Plan. 

This ToolKit is a resource of the Plan that serves to train and provide a repository for communication materials. 

The Plan and the ToolKit are available to all communicators in the District and may be updated as needed.

Do you have something to say?
Good communication does not mean that you have to speak in perfectly formed sentences and paragraphs. It isn't about slickness. Simple and clear go a long way.  ~John Kotter

The Kearsarge Communications ToolKit exists to promote smooth, clear communications between the Kearsarge Regional School District and the Community it serves. For the most part, it relates to mass or group communication as opposed to student-specific issues or items.

Getting your message to the Schools in the Kearsarge District
  • It is critical that people in the district have a clear avenue to communicate with the School District. 
  • Please use the contact us link to determine the best channel. 
  • If you have a child in the district, please start with the school he/she currently attends. 
  • Note that issues of a time-sensitive nature should be addressed via phone to the appropriate building.

General Guidelines for Outgoing Communications
Communications should be reviewed by the appropriate Building Administrator.
Once approved, this ToolKit page helps get your message to the broader community.
Use this page to guide your next steps (for example checking the district calendar to determine date conflicts for events).

Need help getting the message right?
When we change the way we communicate, we change society. ~Clay Shirky

Communication Tips

General Communication ReferencesDrafting Press Releases
Measuring the Impact
Getting the Message out
The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place. ~George Bernard Shaw

Media Outlets
Our community contains many ways to get your message out to an intended audience. To get started, use this sample of media outlets that have worked for others and ways to contact them.

 Outlet Type     Name Contact Notes
 Print Periodical Intertown Record        Pat Trader/Annette Vogel 
 Weekly Paper - will accept/run press  releases, photos or ads
  Kearsarge Shopper Shopper Details online Weekly Print Circular ($$)
 Paid Advertising only
 Bulletin Boards All over town This is a great free way to get your message out if you have print pieces and people to post them. Think shopping centers, libraries, post offices, banks, general stores, book stores, restaurants, barbers, coffee shops etc.
 Radio WNTK 99.7
 Send event announcements, press releases, and call to schedule live interviews.
  WTPL 107.7
 Send event announcements, press releases, and call to schedule live interviews.
  NHPR WEVO 89.1 Submit releases by filling out
 the online form.

 Phone:  800.639.4131
 Fax:  603.224.6052

 Send event announcements, press releases, and call to schedule live interviews.
 Local Broadcast Television Yankee Communications
 Send event announcements, press releases, and call to schedule live interviews.
 Email Lists Your own list is a powerful communication tool.  Use email for individuals who have requested information, volunteered, graduated etc. Capture email addresses whenever possible. Be aware of sending too many email messages, but when you send a valuable message to a group it can work wonders.
 Community Organizations Rotary Meetings are Fridays at 7:30 AM at the Kearsarge Community Presbyterian Church on King Hill Road, NL Organizations often have social networking sites where they will note your event or message to extend the reach.
  Selectboards Varies for each town so check your local town information. Get on their agenda and spend a minute talking about your message/event to the group or send a flyer/email.
  Lake Sunapee Regional Chamber of Commerce
  Kearsarge Regional Chamber of Commerce

Getting Involved
Communications tools don't get socially interesting until they get technologically boring. ~Clay Shirky

Monthly KRSD Communications Committee meetings are open to the public and are held at the SAU in New London, NH. 
Check the District Calendar for the Next Meeting.

For more information and to get involved please contact us:
Heidi Thoma, Member at Large

The Kearsarge District provides quality educational experiences to the following NH towns: 
Bradford, New London, Newbury, Springfield, Sutton, Warner, and Wilmot