Blizzard Bags

Welcome to the KRSD Blizzard Bag Program

We’re glad you’re interested in finding out about the KRSD Blizzard Bag program. We have listed the 5-W’s below. Please remember, you can get full details on your teacher’s website right now.

We have FIVE days worth of Blizzard Bag lessons. Blizzard Bag days are determined by the KRSD Superintendent’s office and parents will be notified via the Rapid Notification System (a call will be placed to your home). If you have not received Rapid Notification messages in the past, or your contact information has changed, please contact the main office of your local school to update your information. 

Who Participates?

All KRSD students including those attending KRHS, KRMS, Simonds Elementary School, Sutton Central School, Bradford Elementary, New London Elementary, and James House Preschool.

What is it?

The Blizzard Bag Program is an important educational initiative! This program originated in the Kearsarge Regional School District and promotes learning outside of the walls of the classroom. Students have the opportunity to learn at home when weather conditions call for a “Snow Day” or any school closure.

Where do Students Participate?

Students work on their Blizzard Bags at home, with a friend, a library, a local college … outside, inside, everywhere learning takes place!

Why do we have Blizzard Bags?

The KRSD Blizzard Bag learning opportunity allows students to experience independent, hands-on, experiential learning. It also sets the stage for life-long learning, starting in kindergarten and lasting for a lifetime! Blizzard Bags afford us the chance to extend and blend learning beyond the walls of the KRSD.

When do have a Blizzard Bag Day?

A Blizzard Bag Day is typically called when we have an event which prevents KRSD schools from opening. There are currently lesson plans set for five Blizzard Bag days in the schools of the Kearsarge Regional School District.

How is the BB Program Implemented?

Your Blizzard Bag information will be listed on your teacher’s website. You may choose to complete lessons online or on paper. On the elementary level, BB lessons are also sent home in a physical bag (in case you are unable to access the web). In the middle and high schools, those without internet connectivity at home should speak with their teacher(s). All students have the opportunity to complete their Blizzard Bag lessons. All Blizzard Bag lessons are expected to be returned based on the rules established at each school (maximum is two days after the BB Day). 

** Your input is important! **

Teachers and administrators are looking for direct feedback about your child's experience on Blizzard Bag days. Please contact your child’s teacher directly to provide your valuable input! You may reach each staff member from the home page (click on school & teacher’s page). If you cannot reach your child’s teacher, please feel free to contact the principal of your school.

Blizzard Bag Program FAQ's

Is every snow day a Blizzard Bag Day?

No. There will still be traditional snow days. You will receive notice of a BB Day via the District's Rapid Alert Notification System. Time of year, the nature of the closure, and other extenuating circumstances impact the decision of a BB Day. There may be cases where students can enjoy a good old-fashioned snow day.

Do all schools have the same lessons?

No. Please see your specific Blizzard Bag plans online or in your physical Blizzard Bag.

What if I don’t have internet access?

All home/off-site learning will be accommodated for Blizzard Bag lessons. Elementary students will receive additional paper lessons. Middle and high school students should speak with their teacher to determine the appropriate plan.

What happens if the lessons are not completed?

Please connect with the teacher and/or school administrator for specific questions. If the assignments are not completed, due to a misunderstanding of the material/assignment, this is handled differently then if the assignment is not completed due to apathy. Student engagement and completion of BB assignments is how attendance is calculated at each school. Communication regarding assignment completion is very important.

What do teachers do on Blizzard Bag Day?

BB Days are a school day for teachers too. Teachers will be interacting with their students online (blending instruction), working on lesson planning, content research, professional development, collaborative online meetings/discussions etc … Most importantly, teachers and administrators will be available to answer student/parent inquiries throughout the day.

What if I have a question about a lesson?

Please contact your teacher. All teachers will be available online throughout the day. If you do not have internet connectivity at home, please let your teacher know about how you may contact them.

Why does KRSD have a Blizzard Bag program?

Learning happens everywhere and anytime. The KRSD Blizzard Bag program allows students to develop their understanding of the ways of learning. By promoting independent, hands-on/experiential learning, students are setting the stage for life-long learning. By using technology and the many resources available to them outside of the walls of the classroom, students develop skills they will need for future academic success!

Additionally, the seven town school district of KRSD covers the largest geographic region in the state. Students in the towns of Springfield, Warner, Bradford, Newbury, Sutton, New London, and Wilmot have often missed school due to adverse weather conditions. Our Blizzard Bag program allows students to continue their learning under all circumstances.