Bus Routes 2019-2020

KRSD Transportation Information

Any questions regarding routes, please call STA (Student Transportation of America) at (603) 938-6464 or

Email   Stacy   or     Jan

Please be mindful that you need to park 30 feet away from an intersection/stop sign of a bus stop, no vehicle should be within 25 feet of the school bus so it can load and unload safely, and when the red lights are flashing please stop until the lights stop flashing.  Thank you!

Request for Bus Stop Change Form is attached at the bottom of this webpage.

  • Note: Stops that are marked as "dormant" will be assessed and have the potential to be removed due to inactivity.

Dear Parents and Students of the KRSD:

Please be aware that in an effort to ensure a safe and secure environment for all students, the School Board authorizes the use of video/audio recording devices by the district on any or all buses used to provide transportation for district students. Buses operated by the Goffstown Trucking Company are equipped with video cameras that record both video and audio information. The audio and video information is confidential and may only be viewed when conducting an investigation for vandalism, assault, bullying or other bus related misconduct or violation of bus rider rules. 

Thank you,
The Kearsarge Regional School District

Using RSA 189:6 Transportation of Pupils and RSA 189:8 Limitations and Additions, both of these rules can be found in the New Hampshire School bus Drivers Manual DSMV 241 APPENDIX C routes and stops have been modified or changed to meet the requirements of the Kearsarge School District.

RSA 189:6 Transportation of Pupil. The local school district shall furnish transportation to all pupils in grades 1 through grade 8 who live more than 2 miles from the school to which they are assigned. The local school board may furnish transportation to kindergarten pupils, pupils in grades above the eighth or any pupils residing less than 2 miles from the school to which they are assigned, when it finds that this is appropriate, and shall furnish it when so directed by the commissioner of education.

RSA 189:8 Limitations and Additions. Pupils entitled to transportation in accordance with RSA 189:6 may be required to walk a distance not to exceed one mile to a school bus stop established by the local school board. Pupils residing in areas which are inaccessible by a local school district's established mode of transportation may be required to walk a distance not to exceed 1-1/2 miles to a school bus stop, provided that the vehicle, route and schedule have been approved by the commissioner of education. School districts shall assure that pupils shall not be subject to unsafe conditions while walking the required distance to a school bus stop and that the school bus stop is established in a safe location.



2019-2020 Bus Routes


Questions on routes: 938-6464


Bus routes are listed as individual attachments at the bottom of this page.

Routes have been updated as of October 7,2019