March 30 COVID 19 Update: Bradford

District Seal

Dear Kearsarge Community,

Last evening the SAU was notified of the following information from Principal Chouinard of Bradford Elementary:

Dear KRES at Bradford Community,               

We were informed today of a positive case of COVID-19 at Kearsarge Regional Elementary School at Bradford. The student was last in school on Friday, March 26th. The School Nurse and I are actively working with and following guidelines from the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) to best ensure the safety of our students and staff.

At this time, we have completed contact tracing and have identified all students we believe who are considered to be a “close contact” with the COVID positive student. We have notified all families of students who will need to quarantine as a result of this identification.

I have sent multiple COVID notices in the last couple of weeks. To protect privacy and confidentiality we do not provide any identifying information about the positive cases. This may lead you to believe that the cases could be connected, but there are no apparent connections between any cases in the school thus far. As always, the safety of our children, employees and visitors is our top priority.  Please continue to be diligent in monitoring for any signs or symptoms of COVID-19, please make sure to reach out to the school if your child is exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms or if there is a positive test that may impact our school.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me or the School Nurse, Stephanie Laurendeau.


Andy Chouinard

As always, thank you for your continuing support in helping to monitor for signs and symptoms of COVID-19 and helping us to keep our community safe.