EEAA - Video and Audio Surveillance on School Property

The Board authorizes District use of video and/or audio devices on District property to ensure the health, welfare, and safety of all students, staff, and visitors to District property and to safeguard District buildings, grounds, and equipment. The Superintendent will approve appropriate locations for surveillance devices. Placement of the video cameras will be based on the presumption and belief that students, staff, and visitors have no reasonable expectation for privacy in areas or at events that occur in plain view. However, such devices are not to be placed in bathrooms or locker rooms.

Recording equipment will be placed in classrooms only after school board approval following a public hearing. The administration must receive written permission and consent from the classroom teacher and the parent/guardian of all students within the classroom prior to the use of recording equipment within a classroom (RSA 189:68).

Signs will be posted on school buildings to notify students, staff, and visitors that video cameras may be in use. At the Superintendent's discretion, parents/guardians and students may also be notified through the student handbook. Students will be responsible for any violations of school rules caught on tape by cameras. Videos containing evidence of a violation of student conduct rules and/or state or federal law will be retained until the issue of the misconduct is no longer subject to review or appeal as determined by board policy or applicable law. Any release or viewing of the video will be in accordance with the law. In the event an audio or video recording is used as part of a student discipline proceeding; such video may become part of a student's education record.

The District will retain copies of video recordings until they are erased, which may be accomplished by either deletion or copying over with a new recording.

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Legal References:

RSA 189:68

First Reading: October 15,2015
Second Reading: November 5, 2015
Adopted: November 12,2015
Revision Dates: N/A
Last Review Date: November 12,2015