GBEA - Staff Ethics

This Professional Ethics policy is created as a set of guiding principles which articulate the responsibilities common to the Kearsarge Regional School District, both inside and outside of the classroom.  

Kearsarge educators are entrusted by the district and the public with a responsibility to teach Kearsarge children the skills and model the values that will nurture and inspire each child to be an inspired learner, who is committed to their community, and who positively contributes to a dynamic world.

Kearsarge Regional School District administration, educators, employees, and contracted service providers accept the responsibility to work within the educational profession according to the highest ethical standards and aspire to continuously and consistently make decisions which are, first and foremost, within the best interests of students.

All Kearsarge administration, educators, employees, and contracted service providers will:

  1. Maintain just, courteous, and professional relations with students, parents, or others.
  2. Base relationships with students upon mutual respect and trust; an understanding of the appropriate boundaries in an educational setting; and behaviors consistent with the educational mission of our schools.
  3. Exhibit and guide appreciation and practice of the principles of democracy.
  4. Maintain their own effectiveness by study, travel, or other means in a concerted effort to contribute to professional knowledge and efficacy in the District.
  5. Demonstrate an awareness of their actions and the potential effect of them on public perceptions.
  6. Avoid using classroom privileges and prestige to promote partisan or personal politics, sectarian religious views, or flagrant personal bias of any kind.
  7. Accept, nominate, or assign positions and promote within the school system based solely on merit, and refrain from use of pressure on school officials for solicitation or granting of appointments or promotions.
  8. Comply with privacy laws and preserve student and employee data/information confidentiality.
  9. Abstain from accepting any gratuity, gift, or favor that might impair or appear to influence professional decisions or actions.

Any action taken regarding this policy will be consistent with all rules, laws, and collective bargaining agreements.

Legal References:

NH Code of Administrative Rules, Section Ed 510, Code of Conduct
NH Code of Administrative Rules, Section Ed 511, Denial, Suspension or Revocation of Certified Personnel

First Reading: 11/7/19
Second Reading: 11/21/19
Adopted: 11/21/19