IGDF / JJE - Student Fund Raising Activities

  1. When an administrator approves student participation in door-to-door solicitations, (students should be strongly encouraged to solicit in teams), notice shall be sent to the Superintendent of Schools providing the following information:
    1. The class, group conducting the door-to-door solicitation
    2. The purpose of the fund raising activity
    3. The date(s) of such activity
    4. The nature of the solicitation
  2. Fund raising activities shall be limited to a class or group within a school and all fund must be disbursed when that class or group leaves the building, or if the make-up of the class or group will be altered substantially by the next school year. Specifically, no funds should be left as a fifth (5th) grade class leaves an elementary school, an eighth (8th) grade class leaves Kearsarge Regional Middle School or a senior class leaves Kearsarge Regional High School.
  3. Funds in a student activity account are not intended to “reward” staff members for services performed. Principals shall not allow a group of students to use funds collected via fund raising activities or personal solicitation to present school employees with gifts of substantial value. Simple remembrances are allowed unless there are unusual situations. The definition of “simple remembrances” clearly indicates a small monetary value and “unusual situation” eliminates the routine assignments such as coaches, advisors, band directors, etc. A retirement after many years of service would be an example of an “unusual situation.”
  4. Parents will be notified in advance of all fundraising events and may request nonparticipation without consequence for their children.
  5. Students who are members in an organization such as scouting or 4-H may individually solicit friends and staff during that organization’s fund drives.

Date Adopted: September 9, 1993