Vision and Mission

Kearsarge Regional High School is dedicated to seeking a variety of academic and social settings that provide students with access to real life situations that allow for the learning and application of skills and knowledge that will lead to success in post secondary life.

KRHS is on a continual mission to personalize learning for students.  We do this by emphasizing the importance of performance tasks in the classroom and most recently redesigned our schedule to create a flexible learning period for students to partake in remediation and enrichment.    We continue to offer a rigorous curriculum with a multitude of supports to ensure that students are successful.  

Our co-curricular offerings teach students the importance of perseverance, commitment, and teamwork; skills that will endure beyond their high school years.

KRHS staff care about students and work together to build meaningful relationships and embrace the district vision to collectively work to inspire learners, commit to community and contribute to dynamic world.

Kearsarge Regional School District Vision        

Inspiring learners, committing to community, contributing to a dynamic world

Kearsarge Mission

We are seven towns, seven schools, and one district committed to partnering with families and community, to support and prepare learners who:

  • Pursue academic excellence.
  • Are caring, compassionate community members who support each other.
  • Make positive contributions to the world and value diversity.
  • Promote personal responsibility, accountability, and wellness.
  • Value the collaborative process while maintaining a sense of self-advocacy.
  • Celebrate creativity.
  • Are flexible, resilient, and embrace individual growth.