Residency Notice

Enrollment Guidelines for New Students

The Kearsarge Regional School District is committed to providing an excellent education to all students residing within our seven town district.  As a general rule, New Hampshire law requires that a student be a legal resident of the school district in order to attend the district’s public schools.  In most cases, a child’s residence is established by where their parent(s) or guardian legally resides.

When you seek to enroll your child, you will be asked to complete an enrollment form and provide information establishing your legal residence.  This may include such documents as a copy of your driver’s license, legal identification card, deed, lease agreement, utility bills, proof of voter registration, court order, or other items which clearly prove that you are a resident to the district.  Please note that the district requires that you attest to the truthfulness of the information that you provide on this form.

If you are a guardian of a child, the district will also require proof of your guardianship.  This would include a copy of the court order approving your guardianship.  If you are a relative who is caring for a child, such as a grandchild, New Hampshire law requires that you have a pending petition for guardianship before you enroll your child in the district.  You will be required to provide us with a copy of that petition.  Please note that New Hampshire law prohibits seeking a guardianship solely so that a child can attend a school outside of their district of residence.

If you are a divorced parent, then your parenting plan will probably identify the district of residence for purposes of your child’s school attendance.  Please provide us with a current copy to that plan.  You are also under an obligation to notify us of any changes in your parenting plan.  If you do not have a parenting plan, please provide us with a copy of the most current court order which addresses custody.  As a general rule, the legal residence of a child of divorced parents without a parenting plan will be determined by a court order.

If you and the other parent of your child are living apart and not divorced, then your child’s legal residence is with the parent whom your child resides.  If you have questions as where your child should be enrolled, please contact our office.

From time-to-time the district may review the status of your legal residence.  You may be asked to update outdated information, or to provide current proof of residency.  This is simply part of the district’s effort to comply with the residency laws.

The district is also committed to meeting the education needs of homeless children and families.  If you become homeless, you should contact, Mr. Larry Elliott, KRSD Homeless Liaison, for information regarding your rights to continued education in the district.

Finally, if you are not a resident of the KRSD, and still wish for your child to attend school in the district you will need to apply for admission and seek permission accordance with School Board Policy JFAB. This policy can be found on our website.  If your child is admitted, it will be contingent upon your paying tuition.

At times, matters regarding legal residency requirements and determinations regarding residence can be confusing.  If you have any question, please contact the SAU office at: (603) 526-2051 and we will do our best to answer your questions.