School Cancellation

No School Procedures

**Please Note** 

  • Individual schools/towns will no longer be listed on WMUR.  
  • It will simply say "Kearsarge Regional School District" when there is a school closing or delay announcement.
  • **When schools are closed, there will be no school activities during the day or evening.
  • A rapid alert message system will be utilized to notify families of school delays, early releases and cancellations. Messages will be sent between 5:30 AM - 6:15 AM. "Blizzard Bag" days will be announced via the rapid alert notification system.
  • Please do not call the schools (This limits the capacity of our phone lines which impedes our ability to effectively communicate.)

Announcements are given on the following stations:

  • WNTK FM (99.7) - New London
  • WZID FM (95.7) - Manchester
  • WMUR TV - Channel 9
  • WMUR Website

Delay in Start of School

  • Information will be broadcasted as quickly as possible using the same procedure as in the case of "No School." Parents should stay tuned in the event conditions worsen and it becomes necessary to close school.
  • If school is delayed for two hours, the buses will start two hours later than usual

Early Release of School

  • Due to the difficulty of contacting parents, a decision to release school early will be used only as a last resort under extreme conditions.
  • Information will be broadcast as quickly as possible using the same procedure as in the case of "No School".

No School Memo from Superintendent Feneberg

I understand that my decision to call for a delayed opening or school cancellation in bad weather has a significant impact on families. On rare occasions, it may be necessary to move from a delayed opening to a cancellation. There may also arise unforeseen circumstances under which we might have to call for an early dismissal. While we have generally been successful in avoiding the use of those options, please be aware that our most important objective relative to weather-based cancellations is the safety of our students and staff.  We will always attempt to give you as much notice as possible in advance of a cancellation, delay, or early release.

In addition to the announcements made on local radio stations and WMUR-TV, we will continue to utilize a rapid alert notification system. The system will result in you receiving a telephone message generated from our district offices generally between 5:30 AM – 6:15 AM.  You can also access the KRSD Facebook page, Twitter, and the district website to obtain this information. The message will inform you if the day is declared a “Blizzard Bag Day”, a snow day, school delay, or early release. When a Blizzard Bag Day is called, students are expected to complete their assignments and turn them in the next day. For the day to count as a school day, we must have at least 80% participation throughout all of our schools!

The Kearsarge Regional School District is comprised of seven towns covering a geographic area of over 470 square miles. Our busses travel well over 4,000 miles each day transporting students to and from school. The District includes a wide range of elevations and road surfaces (paved and unpaved) resulting in a variety of driving conditions. We consider the road condition reports from our police dispatch and road agents a critical piece of information in the decision making process.  Weather patterns may be very different in different Kearsarge towns. Rain in Warner or Bradford may be icy precipitation in Springfield or New London.

I assure you that any decision regarding the delay or cancellation of school will be made only after consideration of all available information at the time. You may not always agree with the decision, but ultimately it is made with the safety of everyone concerned in mind.

Please know that it is always your choice as parents/guardians whether to have your children attend school in uncertain weather conditions. If you are a parent of a student driver, you are reminded that bus transportation is provided when school is in session. Student ridership is encouraged each day of the school year, but particularly when there is a concern about the road conditions.

I hope that this information helps explain the process and care that we take in determining weather related cancellations or delays. If you have questions or concerns, please contact my office at 526-2051.

Best regards,

Winfried Feneberg
Superintendent of Schools