School Board - Goals


 Kearsarge District Goals, Rationale, and Objectives

Our Vision:

Inspiring learners, committing to community, contributing to a dynamic world.


Kearsarge Regional School District Mission

We are seven towns, seven schools, and one district committed to partnering with families and community, to support and prepare learners who:

  • Pursue academic excellence.
  • Are caring, compassionate community members who support each other.
  • Make positive contributions to the world and value diversity.
  • Promote personal responsibility, accountability, and wellness.
  • Value the collaborative process while maintaining a sense of self-advocacy.
  • Celebrate creativity and embrace innovation.
  • Are flexible, resilient, and embrace individual growth.



The purpose of the KRSD Strategic Plan is to identify the overall goals for the district, set priorities, and focus the work and resources of the school district in achieving the district vision and mission. The KRSD Strategic Planning Committee has identified the five goal areas listed below, each with specific objectives and indicators, for the 2019 - 2026 cycle.  The Action Plan will be utilized to track the work of the various groups in the district, identify resources, assign responsibilities, and maintain the focus on achieving the goals and objectives.


Process and Timeline

The KRSD School Board will meet each June to review progress towards the strategic plan goals and provide input towards the objectives for the coming school year.  The Strategic Planning committee will meet as necessary to update the KRSD Action Plan.  Progress towards the KRSD Strategic Plan will be updated twice yearly, with one review scheduled prior to the Kearsarge Regional School Board goal setting retreat in June.  


Definition and Glossary

Vision - Describes what the district aspires to achieve.

Mission - Defines the District; who we are and what we do.

Strategic Plan - Defines the specific steps and actions the district will take to achieve its stated goals and objectives.

Goals - Identify the mid to long-term outcomes the district will take to meet the mission and vision. 

Rationale - The reasons and justifications for each goal.

Objectives - Specify the annual steps the district will take to reach the goals.


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