School Board - Goals


2019-20 Kearsarge District Goals, Rationale, and Objectives

Goal 1: KRSD will deliver an engaging, rigorous, and aligned continuum of learning for all students, pre-K through high school-plus, to achieve college and career readiness upon the completion of their educational program.  

Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment are the very core of why we exist as a school.  Six specific areas of focus have been identified as a means to refine and improve the KRSD educational program: Reflection, Curriculum, Instruction, Assessment, Transitions, and Professional Culture.

2019-2020 Objectives:

  • Complete curriculum articulation and standards alignment in the areas of literacy, numeracy, and science,
  • Implement and refine competency-based  education district-wide (preK-21)
  • Implement an RtI process to identify student needs utilizing a multi-tiered system of student supports (MTSS) to address them,
  • Provide specialized instruction beyond the MTSS to meet the needs of identified learners.
  • Support and promote innovative  practices to meet the goals of the district,
  • Explore the potential of adding a Director of HS/MS Curriculum to lead and support district-wide consistency in the areas of curriculum, instruction, and assessment.

Goal 2: To recruit, develop, and retain staff members who are student-centered, experts in their field, committed to the Vision and Mission of the District, and demonstrate a high degree of professionalism.

Rationale: Passionate, committed and highly skilled educators are the point of contact between students and learning.  Personnel represent a substantial portion of the overall budget and are our greatest investment.  Recruiting candidates who support the mission and vision of the district, supporting the continued professional development of contracted personnel, and providing clear expectations and feedback for all district employees will positively impact student achievement and overall student experience in KRSD schools. 

2019-2020 Objectives:

  • Improve and refine contracts and employment agreements.
  • Develop practices to create and support effective supervision and evaluation.
  • Develop practices to create and support professional development program.
  • Monitor, assess, and refine human resources practices.
  • Utilize available data to determine and address school-based culture and climate issues as they relate to goal #2 (staff).

Goal 3: The KRSD will involve families, businesses, and community organizations to increase student engagement and personalized learning opportunities.

Increasing communication and partnerships with the greater Kearsarge community provides opportunities for students to engage in authentic learning outside of the classroom.  A community that is more involved and aware of the workings of schools is more supportive. Higher levels of student engagement lead to higher levels of student achievement. 

2019-2020 Objectives:

  • The District will continue to explore and implement opportunities to utilize Extended Learning Opportunities (ELO's) within the district's schools.
  • The District will develop a targeted communication strategy and plan to effectively communicate district mission and vision, as well as promote the efforts of the district's schools.
  • We will provide improved communication updating parents to help them understand and clarify school scheduling / programs.
  • The District will refine and improve the safety, legality, and efficacy of its communications.
  • The District will create and refine relationships with community resources to effectively meet the needs of its students through cooperative efforts.
  • The District will continue to provide and expand opportunities for parent voice and input based on data from climate surveys.

 Goal 4:  The KRSD will create and maintain high quality learning environments.

Rationale: A high quality learning environment is physically and emotionally safe and welcoming. Beyond the facilities and technology needs, the learning environment encompasses the culture and climate conditions essential to safeguard effective learning experiences. 

2019-2020 Objectives:

  • Utilize climate survey data to engage in school improvement.
  • Implement and revise, as appropriate, the KRSD Capital Improvement Plan.
  • Identify and implement technology resources which support quality learning environments in the District.

Goal 5: KRSD will be an institution dedicated to educational innovation.

Rationale: Preparing students to meet the challenges of a dynamic world requires educators to consistently find and employ innovative solutions.

2019-2020 Objectives:

  • Implement and support innovative use of technology.
  • Implement and support innovative educational practices.
  • Expanding opportunities for student voice.
  • Create structures and systems which support and respond to innovations in education and the career marketplace.
  • Explore innovative opportunities to improve human resource support for District staff.