Critical Decision Unit (CDU) Guidance Documents

The Critical Decision Unit (CDU) is the Distric's decision and recommendation making body for COVID-19 related issues.  Members of the CDU include:

  • All School Nurses
  • District Level Administration (Assistant Superintendent)
  • Human Resources Specialist
  • Facilities Director
  • Director of Student Services
  • KREA Representation
  • District Personal Protective Equipment Liason

The CDU meets regularly to support the need for consistent and uniform recommendations and guidance regarding issues of health and safety impacted by COVID-19.  All guidance is supported by scientific and medical research, and is aligned with New Hampshire CDC, DHHS, School Nurses Association, and the State Epidimiologist, Dr. Chan.  

All Guidance documents shared by the CDU are kept below, and are updated as guidance shifts.  The majority of CDU recommendations are based on the CDC/ DHHS School Tool Kit located here: