BDC - Executive Sessions


The School Board reserves the right to sit in executive sessions closed to the public and media when a majority of the members are present and voting so vote. As required by law, the motion calling for an executive session will indicate the nature of the items to be discussed.

The Board may entertain a motion to hold an executive session only for those purposes which the law recognizes. (For the list of reasons permitted by law, see RSA 91-A:3: I & II.)

No official, final action may be taken by the Board at an executive session except as allowed by RSA 91-A: 3. In order to act upon most items considered at an executive session, the Board will convene or reconvene in open session. That such a meeting was, or will be held, will be recorded in the minutes of the proceeding or subsequent open session of the Board. Board members and any persons attending an executive session are duty-bound not to disclose any details of the discussion held. Unless otherwise determined by the Board, the Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent and their designated representative may attend all executive sessions except those, which pertain to the Superintendent or Assistant Superintendent’s employment.

Legal Reference:

RSA 91-A:3: I & II

Adopted: 10/24/85