MBC - Overview & Members

KRSD Municipal Budget Committee

The KRSD Municipal Budget Committee was established to assist the District voters in the prudent application of public funds. The Committee consists of representatives from each community in the District, by public election, to three year terms. Members also sit on School Board and District Committees responsible for various focus areas, including Facilities, Long Range Planning and Human Resources.

The MBC evaluates and provides input to the Budgets proposed by the School Board and District Administration through an annual meeting cycle beginning each October and finishing with the Deliberative Session in early January.

The committee welcomes any input which might help us more effectively represent the interests of our constituencies, both as taxpayers and beneficiaries of public education in our seven town District. All of our meetings are open to the public.

Current Members

James Bibbo (13)BradfordMarch 2020
Luke Gorman (19)SpringfieldMarch 2021
Jon Sevigny (17)WarnerMarch 2020
Tom Schamberg (19)WilmotMarch 2022
Robert DeFelice (13)SuttonMarch 2022
Robert A. Hemenway (13)NewburyMarch 2021
Brian Dumais (14)New LondonMarch 2022
Peter Anderson (15)WarnerMarch 2021
Richard G. Anderson (08)New LondonMarch 2020


  • Chair - Richard G. Anderson
  • Vice Chair - Brian Dumais
  • Secretary - Carolyn Kershaw

Representatives to School Board Committees

  • Finance & Audit: 
  • Human Resources: 
  • Facilities: 
  • Transportation: 
  • Negotiations: